Aerial Photography

High resolution aerial images are created cameras attached to unmanned aircrafts. It is possible to capture images up to 200 meters at a much lower cost to the alternative of renting an airplane or helicopter.


Aerial Cinematopography

Using it for real estate, marketing or event management, videos captured from the sky are affordable. The quiet, gimbal stabilized aerial cameras caputre 4k videos with ease.


Land Surveying

Having an aerial platform in the sky to perform a survey elimintates the need for personnel on the ground, reducing downtime and increasing safety for the entire workforce.

This survey enables the client to map the area in a faster, more efficient and accurate when compared to conventional surveys.

Fewer man hours –> cost efficient solution.

Precision Agriculture

Aerial images presents the client with information over a large area in no-time. The multispectral camera detects within the near infrared spectrum which allows to determine plant stress.

Due their possiblities UAV’s are used all around the world, they are easy to deploy, have a superior resolution and are not susceptibility to cloud cover.

3D model reconstruction

Dunmoe Castle is a castle and National Monument located near Navan, Ireland. The castle was build for the D’Archie family in the mid 15th century and marked the wester edge of the Pale. Source Wikipedia.

Full 3D model reconstruction from the sky. To preserve information of heritage material. Preciese aquisition of current dimensions and volumes.

This model will now be used as a basis for a 3D printing project.