Geological Assistance

Exploration program management & setup

Experience in exploration program setup and management. Covering QA/QC for core logging, sampling, density measurements, XRF core and field readings, mapping and rig allignment.


Songwe Hill, Mkango Resources, Malawi (REE project)

Boliden Tara Mines, Navan, Ireland (Pb/Zn Project)

Devonian Carbonate, EBN, Netherlands (Seismic interpretation)

Sobrarbe Delta, Pyrenees, Spain (Carbonate project)

Cerro de la Molata, Las Negras, Spain (Carbonate project)

Songwe Hill, REE project

Assisting Senior Geologist Dr. Paul Armitage with the 3rd phase Songwe Hill REE exploration project. Encompassing services as QA/QC of core logging, sampling, rig allignment and density measurements.

Work encompasses; 

  • Training local geologist for work near a diamond drill rig. Learning the Metre-Marking, markup and checking orientated core and rig allignments.
  • Assisting in the core shed, with QA/QC for logging, sampling and density measurements. Introduced new software, increasing productivity and quality of the data.
  • Working together in this great team with Dr. Scott Swinden for a NI 43-101 compliant resource on the Songwe Hill, REE deposit.

Boliden Tara Mines, Pb/Zn project

Working as Junior Exploration Geologist under supervison of Dr. John Ashton at the Exploration Department. Assisting on a near field exploration with core logging and far field exploration with seismic interpretation.

The work included;  

  • Daily geological round, face grading and safety assessment. 
  • Logging and sampling near-field exploration projects with interpretation in Leapfrog geomodelling software. Discussing geological models and proposing new areas to drill.
  • Geological interpretation and quality control of shallow on land seismic data obtained on two different licenses with a total of 12 lines. Conversion of these lines into a Leapfrog compatible format.

Las Negras, Carbonate project

Working as a student together with Prof. Dr. John Reijmer, Dr. Luuk Kleipool and Tiemen Gordijn on a 3d model of a Miocene Carbonate platform in South East Spain, the Cerro de La Molata.

The project included;  

  • Creating a precise 3d model of the Cerro de La Molata using a 5 meter DEM and high quality orthophotos.
  • In-field GPS measurements on certain important sequence boundaries projected on this model, giving a quantitative approuch on the amount of sedimentation in each system tract.
  • End result in a 3d model in Petrel, giving an indication on the sedimentation speed of each of the four sequence boundaries and corresponding lithologies.
  • Further research published in a paper together with Dr. Luuk Kleipool on the synthetic seismic generation of these outcrops, resulting in an hands on feeling for seismic interpretation.